Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 to 10 Year Olds Division

Wow Victoria, Just look at all the colorful flowers and sparkle stars you added to make Rudolf look fantastic! Thank you for your entry.

Hi Timmy, Thank you for your entry. You definitely have an eye for color as well. You made this picture jump with life!

Hi Sarah, You took this picture and made it yours Didn't you? ! Wow look at those bright colors  !!! I know for a fact Santa will hang this one on his wall this year!

Rebecca, You captured his jolly laugh with the colors you chose to use great job!!

Hey There Nicholas, Great work and I can see you too have an eye for color as well! love it too!

Matthew, From the looks of this it looks like you know what you are doing with color! Great Job!

Hi Lindsey, This has all the ear marks of being Well colored and produced in a professional way! love it!

Kyle, What can I say this is great. thank you for your entry!

Kelsey, Now that's a colored Picture.  I love the ground and the sky and the fact you made Santa's bag  multi colored.

Kaitlyn, I just love the way your colors fill this page.

Kate, Beautiful colors....just beautiful!

J.P. You've captured the right colors to make Santa look like he's almost frustrated in the story hahahaha Thank you for your entry.

Joe, Thank you for your entry. I really like the contrast you have going here from the Bacground to the fore ground.

Isabella V. I really like the colors and the relaxed feel I get when I look at your page. Thank you for your entry.

Isabella I. I love all the extra snow you put into this picture You can feel the cold hahaha Thank you for your entry.

Emma, Thank you for your entry and I love those Bright Green Boots Jolly has on!

Emily, This is so nice, Thank you for your entry and I know for a fact Mrs. Clause likes this one.

Eamonn, Thank you for your entry and The Bright red skates match Rudolph's Nose huh? Great work

Dylan, My man  you must be friends with Cole hahaha Santa loves this one. great work!

David, Thank you for your entry and it looks like you had fun coloring this one! nice bright colors!

Cole, My friend,  What can I say now that's a great Job!  Thank you for your entry.

Hi Allie, Great fun Pic you colored of Rudolf his Skates and I understand that Ethan is Your Brother?! wow This must be exciting huh?

Wow thanks Ethan I just got these in the mail Way to go and Rudolf never looked better!

You made it into the contest Bria and what wonderful colors you used bright and vibrant!
Thank you so much for your entry,  I know Santa will enjoy this as well.

Great Rudolf,  Megen , Thats one Bright Red Nose hahaha

   Skyler, this is fun thanks for your entry and love your color selection.

What a great Red Santa for Christmas. You did a great job Hyacinth

Wow Alondra this is a really cool Rudolf...great work

Thank you Hunter I really like what you did with the hat!

Wow Markus Thank you for the entry and I love the rich colors you picked as well.

Ryan, wow what can I say?.......Thank you for your Entry Very Jolly Santa!

Thank you Casey, for your Beautiful entry of Rudolf , He never looked so good haha

Please click on Julians picture to see it bigger and 
enjoy his work.

Great picture Julian, Beautiful colors and you have the distinction of being our first entry!!! You Rock!